Continuous Rod Failure Reduction Case Study

Continuous Rod has had tremendous success in most basins and countries where it's been introduced. Bakersfield California, Latin America, and the Middle East. But it has never been successfully adopted in the Midland and Delaware Basins, why is that?

In this case study, Andrew Wlazlo from Triple Crown, and the team at Lightning Production Services present how they have addressed the challenges of working with continuous rod in the Permian Basin with an emphasis on failure management, as well as what products and services were used to solve this problem.

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Continuous Rod Failure Reduction - Whitepaper (1098 KB)

Permian Basin LF115 Product Study

LPS partnered with a major operator in the Permian Basin to test the performance of LF115 lined tubing in wells with high failure rates due to deviation. The results showed that LF115 lined tubing can greatly increase run times in deviated wells, providing a significant return on investment. Tubing leaks were reduced by 96% over the course of the two year study.

LF115 Case Study (665 KB)

Pumping the Curve Study

Lightning Production Services has helped operators successfully land their rod pumps in the horizontal section of a deviated wellbore. This configuration allows operators to achieve lower bottom hole flowing pressures which can increase production and potentially extend the life of the well. Historically, the additional failures caused by landing the pump this deep has not been worth the benefits, but with LPS lined tubing and continuous rod, the effects of the deviation are greatly reduced. This had made the project economically viable in circumstances where it would not be without LPS technologies.

Pumping The Curve Study (360 KB)

Velocity String and Downhole Gas Separator Technology

LPS Velocity Strings were developed initially as a “custom application” as an integral component to downhole gas separators used in O&G rod pumped wells. The separators by different manufactures are designed to provide incremental production increases, better pump fillage, and less cycling by providing the rod pump with more consistent fluid flow. The tool requires a small ID tail pipe that must hold up to heat and corrosion, and the LPS LF115 provides an effective solution.

Velocity String Study (351 KB)