PCP Wells & Continuous Rod

Progressing Cavity Pump Wells

Operators have used PCP systems as a form of artificial lift because of their ability to tolerate free gas, low API gravity (heavy) crude and move large amounts of sand in directional wells. However, due to the high side loads from the deviated wellbores, rod-string and tubing wear can be a challenging problem and increase your failure rates and operating costs.

Illustration courtesy of www.petrowiki.org

Lightning Production Services offers LightningRod™- a continuous rod string- to run in your wellbore with progressing cavity pumps. LightningRod™ can reduce tubing wear in highly deviated wells by distributing the side load throughout the string instead of concentrating loads on sucker rod coupling.

It can also decrease the torque on the surface motors leading to minimal power requirements for the PCP system. With LightningRod™, we can help you decrease your operational expenditures.


LightningRod™ Differentiators