ESP Conversions

High Rate Conversions

Lightning Production Services can help operators decrease their operating expenditures by converting from ESP to rod lift earlier in the wellbore’s life with LightningRod™ continuous rod. Due to high ESP failure rates and associated costs in deviated wellbores, operators are beginning to convert from ESP to rod lift earlier.

LightningRod™ is 8 – 12% lighter than conventional sucker rods and reduces the friction between the rod and tubing by eliminating the need for rod guides. This combination allows operators to produce higher rates of fluid without the need to increase pumping unit size. Because continuous rod strings allow for substantial increases in production over conventional sucker rods, operators can convert their wells from ESP to rod lift earlier.

Furthermore, continuous rod has been shown to reduce failures caused by rod on tubing wear, giving an additional benefit to operators who choose to convert to rod pump earlier. The following scenarios were run in RodStar; all variables were kept constant except rod string design and SPM*.

Pump Depth Pumping Unit Conventional Rod Continuous Rod
6,000ft 640 264 333
912 382 443
7,000ft 640 191 251
912 295 406
8,000ft 640 173 208
912 244 303
9,000ft 640 153 190
912 150 250

Advantages of LightningRod™ continuous rod in high rate wells