Improving Rod Pumping Operations

Regardless of whether the price of oil is high or low, cost control in production systems is no longer a competitive advantage, it is a necessity. With rod pumped wells being by far the most prolific type of production well, operators are constantly looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining or improving production results.

Deviated rod pumped wells pose an extra challenge. Numerous techniques to mitigate the negative effects of friction points leading to the premature demise of rods and tubing. However, making those techniques economically sound has always been the challenge.

The advanced technology and well engineering services from Lightning Rod Corporation empowers production operators to significantly lessen the effects of deviated wells and ultimately increase the mean time between failures of rod pumped wells. LPS’ advances in continuous rod and lined tubing provide operators with cost effective solutions that extend rod and tubing life and significantly reduce operating costs by increasing MTBF. LPS is focused on rods and tubing and its expertise does not stop at just products. LPS also provides engineering services to assure the components in each of your wells are designed specifically to those wells.

Using continuous rod and lined tubing will significantly lower operating costs by Increasing MTBF. The cost savings are generally enough justification for using either or both. Additionally, using continuous rod and lined tubing increases production. Because you extend your MTBF, your wells are actually running longer.

LightningRod™ Continuous Rod

Most failures in sucker rod strings result from multiple connections, loading the coupling against the tubing wall, or mishandling. LightningRod™ Coiled Rod dramatically reduces these failures by eliminating most of the connections.

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LightningFlo™ Lined Tubing

LightningFlo™ Tubular Lining is a high performance polyethylene liner inserted into the production tubing that is proven to dramatically reduce corrosion, and erosion, in a wide variety of well conditions. Ask us how our Lined Tubing can work for you.

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Lightning Production Services

Our offering boasts unique advantages to traditional work-over and service rigs that can get your well production numbers back in the black faster. We are a provider of coiled rod services, including the installation and welding of continuous sucker rod.

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