Frequently Asked Questions

About Lightning
Production Services

Q. What does the LRP Aquisition of Rapid Rod mean for existing customers?

A. All Rapid Rod Master Service Agreements will stay in place and your contacts will stay the same. The MSA’s will be reassigned to LPS according to the terms and conditions in the MSA. You should not see any significant changes in your day-to-day business with Rapid Rod US.

A. By offering both products and services, LRP, now LPS, will be better positioned to streamline the process of design, manufacture, delivery, and installation of our products to satisfy your needs more efficiently.

Q. What if my field is in Canada?

A. In Canada, Rapid Rod continues to operate as a standalone entity. Rapid Rod in Canada and LPS have a strong working relationship and can work together to provide the products and services you need.

Q. Why is the Lightning Rod and Pipe name changing to Lightning Production Services?

A. The acquisition of Rapid Rod US allows us to provide a more comprehensive solution to our clients. The change from Lightning Rod and Pipe to Lightning Production Services represents our commitment to services that we now offer in addition to our cutting-edge products.

Q. Can I still call the 24/7 Dispatch line?

A. Yes. Please continue to use Rapid Rod US services as usual.

Q. Why was there a management change?

A. To properly manage the two parts of the business, it is necessary to put the strongest managers in place over the products and the services. LJ Guillotte has extensive experience in product development, manufacturing, and sales and will continue in that role. James Williams has decades of experience in managing service organizations and will be responsible for overseeing all product installations, field operations and well servicing. Dharmesh Mehta has been named CEO of the company. He is the former COO of Weatherford International and has been an LRP Board of Directors member since early 2016. With his leadership and experience, LPS aspires to be a premier Production Services company.

Q. Who do we contact for service related issues and support?

A. Your contact points do not change. If you cannot contact your representative, please call the LPS corporate office at 281-446-8020 or email us at

Q. Will there be any additional changes or acquisitions in the future?

A. LPS will constantly strive to provide the best for our customers and when opportunity present themselves, we will continue to make positive changes in the company.

Q. When was the acquisition?

Click here to read the announcement press release.