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We’re excited to Welcome Dr. Victoria Pons

LPS is excited to welcome Dr. Victoria Pons to the Lightning team in the role of “Senior Artificial Lift Advisor”. We could not be more pleased with Victoria’s decision to join our team as our in-house staff senior artificial lift advisor working with our team, executive management and customers. We look forward to her contributions towards our mission in solving holes in tubing (HIT) in deviated shale producing wells. From the onset of our meetings, we were confident in Victoria’s vast wealth of knowledge & experience in helping us differentiate our solutions.

Dr. Victoria Pons is a senior technical leader with a focus on artificial intelligence and data analytics applied to artificial lift. Victoria is the CEO of Pons Analytics and the Vice President of Artificial Lift Research and Development Council (ALRDC). Victoria’s prior experience include serving as Senior Chief Scientist for Baker Hughes and Weatherford where she pioneered new techniques for rod lift automation and data analytics as well as advised product strategy and direction as Artificial Lift SME.

Victoria is the project champion for the “Horizontal Well Downhole Dynamometer Data Acquisition Project” (HWDDDA) and has led this industry sponsored project aimed at designing and manufacturing downhole tools to provide deviated data to the industry members of ALRDC. Victoria earned her BS in Biology and Mathematics, a MS and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Houston and holds 12 patents in the discipline of Artificial Lift.